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Saturday the 2nd of March 2019: the 50th anniversary of Concorde's first flight


…and still as successful as ever! On Saturday the 2nd of March 2019, Aeroscopia will celebrate this first flight, a cherished memory of the aviation community in Toulouse. The event will be shared by former employees who took part in the programme and will bring back to life the moment that the speedbird took to the skies for the very first time.

3:38pm... A slight breeze blows across Toulouse as Concorde lines up on runway 32 left. In front of a crowd that was enthusiastic despite the cold, Concorde sailed into the skies with ease.


Activities to celebrate Concorde's 50th anniversary all day long!


  • EXCLUSIVE: visit the cockpit of Concorde Sierra Bravo!

From 11:30am to 1pm & from 2pm to 6:30pm


  • EXCLUSIVE: visit the authentic Concorde flight simulator with Virtu'Ailes.


  • Concorde: the Legend (thematic tour).

Starts: 11:15am & 4:30pm.
€3.50 surcharge per person.
Bookings are at the museum reception desk.

This guided tour will reveal the secrets of the museum's two Concorde aircraft, as well as the genesis of the Concorde legend and the technical details of this amazing aircraft (please note, boarding of the aircraft will depend on attendance in the museum).

  • Discovery Tour.

A introductory tour to the museum collection and the roots of aircraft manufacturing in Toulouse and beyond. The visit presents the timeline, the three star aircraft of our collection, as well as themes such as engine technology and flight controls.

These visits are with our resident guides.
Starts: 10:45am & 4:00pm
€3.50 surcharge per person.
Bookings are at the museum reception desk.

  • The Family Discovery Tour (duration: 1h)

For families with children from 6 to 12 years old.
With your family, discover the museum, the origins of aviation and the fundamental principles of aviation in a simple and fun way. Learn about the unique features of Concorde, the A300B, the Super Guppy and even the Alouette helicopter.
What do an octopus and a jet engine have in common? How does a pilot control his aircraft? What is the difference between an aerostat and an aerodyne? The answers to these questions may surprise you...

Start: 3pm
€3.50 surcharge per person.
Bookings are at the museum reception desk.

  • Short Presentations

10:30am: The Sound Barrier.
2:45pm: Supersonic Flight.
5:45pm: The Mirage III.

These thematic presentations last 20 minutes, they are open to all, and are given by our resident guides.

  • Creative Workshops

Make your Concorde card cut-out to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Concorde’s first flight. Aspiring artists can design and create their Concorde card, drawing on inspiration from a multitude of colours…
Workshop hosted by Mickaël JOURDAN for children from the age of 6. Open to all.
A specialist of cut-out illustrations, Mickaël Jourdan’s first comic book Le Grand Marécage was published by La Joie de Lire editions in 2014. In 2015, he exhibited his work at the Colomiers Graphic Novel Festival as the region’s Best New Artist. He makes regular appearances at Aeroscopia to introduce young visitors to his cut-out techniques.
-11am-12pm: Draw me a supersonic aircraft!
-2:30pm-3:30pm: Draw me a supersonic aircraft!
-2:30pm to 5:30pm: Concorde card cut-out workshop.


Meet and discover the exhibition of Pascal Mazoyer, a passionate collector of Concorde components. He is the only owner of three different machmetres from the different versions of the aircraft: the prototypes, the preseries and the production models. He will also be exhibiting other parts from Concorde 001. Starts: 11am.

  • Exhibition of original creations by Aéro-Design based on Concorde components: discover the dream of the world of aviation combined with the elegance of artistic creation. Come and meet the artist Agnès Crépin. Starts: 11am.


  • Meet and discover the exhibition of Jean-Pierre Condat (in the museum lobby), a painter and collagiste who specialised in the theme of aviation from an early age. His hyper-realistic collection displaying harmony and vivid colours are a tribute to the region's long history in the field of aviation, and he has illustrated many important events. He is the author of the visuals created for the museum's inauguration in 2015.

photo DDM/RE

  • “Concorde through the eyes of Jean Dieuzaide”, a photography exhibition (in the museum main hall): a contractor for Sud-Aviation and Aérospatiale, Jean Dieuzaide may have been the first to give a true artistic dimension to aviation photography.


  • Alain Depeige: passionate about model-making.
    Discover part of the collection assembled by Alain Depeige over the past 50 years. He will share his enthusiasm for aviation and his collection of 1/72 scale models, including a selection of aircraft from the Concorde era.


  • Meet William Raynaud, a master airbrush artist, who will be displaying his work and showcasing his techniques.

L'Académie de l'Air et de l'Espace is proud to present a retrospective of the Concorde industrial programme in partnership with the town of Blagnac and Aeroscopia. The exhibition includes exclusive photographs depicting the highlights of this adventure. A tribute to the estimated 200,000 people on both sides of the Channel who contributed to making this aircraft a success!


  • Presentation of the film “Trouver son Concorde”. This project from the academic year 2015-2016 is based on an intergenerational exchange between Blagnac's Senior Council, a class from the Saint Exupéry highschool and Aeroscopia. Narcisse Charles and José Bernabé share the human dimension of the Concorde programme with us.
    Today, memories are part of an immaterial heritage, which may be passed on to others. Immaterial heritage, just like aircraft and documentation, are part of Aeroscopia's acquisition and promotion strategy.

Will the future be supersonic?
Starting at 3:30pm, by Serge Bonnet, Senior Initial Design Expert for Airbus airliners will give an update on the state of supersonic flight, at a time when many new projects are emerging. A crossroads for aviation culture, Aeroscopia also endeavours to showcase the technical challenges of the modern world.  

ROUND TABLES AND EXCLUSIVE MEETINGS from 5pm to 6:30pm in the special event area (Espace Evènement'Ciel).

In order to allow the public to meet former members of the Concorde programme, the Académie de l'Air et de l'Espace and the Aérothèque have organised a round table. The projection of the film “Trouver son Concorde” will be followed by a debate with former members of the Concorde programme. The debate will be hosted by Germain Chambost, a journalist, writer and member of the Académie de l'Air et de l'Espace. Jean Pinet (a Concorde test pilot who was at the controls for the first supersonic flight), Michel Rétif (first test flight engineer), Guy Destarac, Dudley Collard and many others will be present to talk about this great human, industrial and technical adventure.


Starting at 5pm, Gérard Maoui, co-author of Concorde, La Légende du Supersonique.
A book to remember and to dream once more... Concorde... and those who designed, built, tested and operated her.
With more than 300 photographs, some of which are exclusive, this book plunges the reader into the story of the speedbird, a flagship of European aviation.

THE BLAGNAC SEMI-MARATHON comes to Aeroscopia on Sunday the 3rd of March!
To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Concorde's first flight, the participants of the Blagnac 10kms and semi-marathon races will run through the museum beneath Concorde herself. A treat for the 3,000 athletes from all over France preparing for the Paris Marathon.
Information:  http://www.semi-blagnac.com/pages/index.php