School parties tours

Devised in partnership with the Académie de Toulouse educational authority, universities and aviation companies, the Museum’s cultural
facilitation programmes promote public awareness of the aviation sector’s history, sciences, technologies and trades.

Duration: 1H30
By reservation only: please contact us.

Other tours more specifically aimed at school parties:

  • The little explorers tour for infants

Specially devised for younger nursery-school children, this tour provides its Little Explorers with a simple, fun introduction to planes as a means of transport. In the first part of the interactive tour, the children discover different means of transport and their names and uses in small workshops (or in discussions with the guide), and find out about planes in particular.
The tour takes them into the heart of the Museum, where they explore the A300B and its cabin, and learn how to find their way around the different aircraft on show.

  • Budding travellers

This tour follows the same itinerary as “Little Explorers” and includes fun hands-on exhibits suited to older nursery-school children.

Tours aimed at school parties from years 10, 12 and 13

  • The aviation technology tour for secondary schools

During this tour, secondary-school pupils explore planes from a technological angle. What kinds of engine? How is power supplied on board? What materials are used to construct a plane? How do you fly a plane? What is life like on board? Presenting different aircraft – including, for instance, the Eole, the A300B, the Super Guppy and the Concorde (an impressive “technological laboratory”) – the guide introduces different aviation technologies and principles, before explaining how they developed in response to the socioeconomic context of the time, but always with an eye to air-transport safety and performance.

  • The "history of the 20th century seen from the sky"

Aimed at pupils from years 10, 12 and 13, this tour takes an unusual look at history, focusing on aircraft as its central theme and explaining how aviation played a key role in the 20th century. Examining the Timeline and models and planes in the collections, pupils gain a new, original understanding of key events and periods in history, including World War I, the years between the wars, World War II and even the construction of a united Europe.