Guided tours

A variety of guided tours to discover the museum’s collection from many different angles!

Visit as a group:

  • Availability of guides for groups of 10 to 25 persons.
  • By reservation only: please contact us.
  • Tours available in French, English or Spanish.

Visit as an individual:

  • Tours for groups of individuals
  • Reservation not required: book at the reception desk
  • Tours available in French, English or Spanish.

Regular guided tours

  • The discovery visit

Explore the museum and its iconic planes. Aimed at all publics –groups or individuals – this tour immerses visitors in the museum experience with a general introduction to the collections. It is structured around visits to the Timeline and the collection’s 3 iconic planes, as well as the themed areas to explore such vital aviation concepts as lift, flight controls and advances in cockpit technology.
Its main objective is to introduce visitors to the Museum with a general presentation of the collections (Timeline, a few of the planes on show,
certain themed areas), making them keen to come back for other visits. It is the perfect way to prepare a casual tour or other themed visits!

  • Children’s discovery visit

A fun tour introducing young visitors to planes, their uses and operation..
For famillies with children aged from 6 to 12years, as individual.

Themed guided tours

  • Military Aviation

This itinerary is for both military aviation connoisseurs and beginners curious to find out about and understand the increasing importance of military aviation, from its emergence as a branch of land and naval forces to its essential role in national security today.
The tour itinerary explores both the history of military aviation and its application, taking visitors to the heart of the action and familiarising them
with mission profiles, backgrounds and potential outcomes! The exhibits featured in the tour played a part in different conflicts (F104 Starfighter,
F8 Crusader in the Vietnam War, Mirage IIIC in the Six-Day War). Some even fought on opposite sides in the same conflict (MiG15 and F84G in the Korean War).