aeroscopia mobile application

The aeroscopia mobile application is a museum visit assistance app

To ensure a fun, interactive visit! Customised, documented and immersive, the app provides a step-by-step guide to casual, independent visits that introduce the collection in an entertaining way. To assist visitors during their tour, it provides plane monographs, GPS guided tours, practical information, a plan of the Museum, etc.

The aeroscopia application supplies more than 150 Mb of multimedia content or 1 hour of audio content. It is downloadable on the Internet or directly at the Museum. Some content is only available at the Museum.

The aeroscopia app can be downloaded free (by WIFI), commentary available in English, Spanish and German : from Apple Store only, for the moment, due to a technical problem, the app is no longer available from Google Play
The app provides visitors with several separate lines of access from the homepage:

  •  “The collection”: enables the visitor to freely access the presentations of each plane and explore historical and technical aspects. Each presentation entry includes “Find out more” links that can by used at any time.
  • “Guided Tour”: two GPS itineraries suggest a tour to match the visitor’s profile.
  • “In the uniform of…”: A fun, enhancedreality surprise!
  • “Practical aeroscopia”: all the practical information needed to get to the Museum and organise a visit there.

Download or rent an audio guide.

  • Free application for your mobile phone download the app
  • Rent a smartphone with additional charge of €3 (subject to availability, deposit is required.)