Access for disabled visitors

Visitors with visual impairment

« Aircraft at your fingertips »

A guided sensory experience to discover the origins of aviation history and to learn about aircraft of all shapes and sizes. With the use of tactile panels, aircraft models and even samples of the materials used in aircraft construction, this journey enables a sensory approach to famous aircraft such as Ader’s Eole, the A300 or Concorde. Being able to touch the Fouga Magister and a model of this aircraft, as well as the onboard visits of Concorde and the A300 will allow visually impaired visitors to better understand the diversity of the aircraft surrounding us and make this tour an enriching experience.

For groups:

  • booking is required at the following email address:
  • the group should not include more than 6 to 7 participants with visual impairment, with a personal attendant for each participant.
  • the group must not exceed a total of 25 participants

For individuals:

  • a visit is scheduled every three months
  • booking is required at the following email address:
  • for all types of visual impairment