Site Accessibility

In order to be read by all web browsers, our web site treats the content and the page layout separately: HTML 5 is used for the structure of the web pages and CSS 3.0 for their graphical layout. The conformity with these Internet standards ensures the interoperability of the site with the advanced functionalities of present web browsers but also with screen readers and synthetic voices. The site is maintained in order to preserve and continuously improve its accessibility.
If however you notice an anomaly or a non-conformity in the accessibility of the site, please inform us.
For ease of access for all, Aeroscopia offers several means to facilitate navigation of this site.

Font Size

The content’s text has a relative font size; this solution allows Internet users to use the font size modification tools of their preferred web browser.
To change the font size:

  • From all content pages of the site: use the font size icons A- A and A+
  • With various browsers: press the Ctrl key and use the scroll wheel of the mouse to change the font size.
  • Internet Explorer: go to View > Font Size to choose the required size.
  • Mozilla, Firefox or Netscape: press Ctrl and + simultaneously to increase or Ctrl and – to decrease the font size.
  • Opera: press on the + or – keys of the numeric keypad or go to View >> Zoom and choose the required size.

Navigation Help

Skip Links

A menu is situated at the top of each page. These links allow you to access the information you need directly (content, top menu, search engine, etc.) without having to scroll down the entire page. This trick makes the site easier to use for visually impaired people and more particularly the blind, who may use readers that interpret the page in a sequential manner.

Navigation Using the Tab Key

Press on the Tab key and repeat until you can select the required entry, then press Enter. Keyboard shortcuts (accesskeys).
1 = Accessibility Policy (this page)
2 = Site Map
3 = Search Engine
4 = Contact Us
5 = Main Navigation
6 = Secondary Navigation
7 = Content Zone
8 = Home Page


  • Mozilla, Netscape, Firefox on Windows: Press simultaneously on the Shift and Alt keys, as well as one of the keyboard accesskeys (but not on the numeric keypad). This will take you directly to the required page.
  • Internet Explorer 6 on Windows: Press simultaneously on the Alt key as well as one of the keyboard accesskeys (but not on the numeric keypad) and then press Enter to go to the required page.
  • Opera 7 for Windows, Macintosh and Linux: Esc + Shift and accesskey
  • MSIE on Macintosh: Ctrl and accesskey, then Enter
  • Safari 1.2 on Macintosh: Ctrl and accesskey
  • Mozilla and Netscape on Macintosh: Ctrl and accesskey