Themed areas

Five themed interactive 50 m² exhibition areas complete and explain the aircraft collection. Visitors play an active part in the learning process as they try out flight techniques and do quizzes.

The “Behind the Scenes” area

The fun, interactive visit to this area shows everything that goes on behind the scenes during a flight! Visitors discover all the technical background they would not normally be able to see, from the plane’s flight preparation to air traffic control, cabin pressurisation, international aviation language and the final guidance provided to the pilot on the apron after landing.

The “Aviation Careers” area

métiers aero

This themed area presents a complete overview of aviation trades, in both the industrial (painter, airframe fitter, manufacturing process planner, structural engineer, etc.) and operational (maintenance technician, traffic officer, air traffic controller, etc.) domains.
It is an entertaining visit, with samples of materials to be handled and games to provide a better grasp of certain skills.

The “Assembling an Aircraft” area

On a large, interactive touch table, visitors can select a model of plane, customise it, choose its on-board equipment and even its airline!
They become Airbus clients and order their own plane!

The “Flight Mechanics” area

How do you fly a plane? In this area, visitors learn all about flight controls and are introduced to such phenomena as rolling, pitching and yaw. Examining the fresco that looks back over developments in flight controls throughout the history of aviation, they will become genuine experts!

The “Aviation Archaeology” area

Aviation archaeology – a rapidly expanding science – examines the traces of a vanished plane to gather information about its pilot and mission.
The interdisciplinary approach of the Association Aérocherche facilitates investigation and the sharing of discoveries with grateful families and
As visitors examine models, original documents, photographs and the personal belongings of crews in a tour enhanced by interactive systems,
they find themselves plunged into the world of the pilots who flew such machines as the D .520, the Messerschmitt Bf 109, the Ju 88 and the Laté 298, not to mention Chuck Yeager’s P51 Mustang and its machine gun.

The “Looking to the Future” area

Designed in the form of an igloo by Airbus Group, this area offers insights into air transport innovations. What will the plane of the future be like? How will we travel in the air? At what speeds? The video presented by Airbus Group provides initial answers to all these questions.