Museum ambition

An important historical resource forging strong links between the past, present and future of the aviation world, aeroscopia’s aim is not only to preserve and optimise the presentation of unique items provided by local heritage organisations and Airbus Operations SAS, but also to pass on aeronautical culture – a fundamental building block in the construction of the region’s identity.

Supervised by the Museum’s Scientific Council, the Collections Department coordinates all tasks related to the management, preventive conservation and development of the collections in close cooperation with partner societies, industrial organisations and institutions.

Operations to restore the planes will be carried out in the Restoration Workshop by the owners of the collections, especially Ailes Anciennes Toulouse, or by accredited restorers. In the years to come, restoration work on the planes will enable the museum’s content to be adapted, sustaining its dynamic appeal.

Activities related to documentary research and the production of scientific and technical information will be managed jointly with partner societies and will contribute to the museum’s activities as a whole, from conservation to facilitation.

Finally, the museum’s involvement in a number of skills networks and its cooperation with local, national and international bodies for the conservation of aviation heritage facilitate exchanges and the transfer of experience, foster research and enhance the image of this new institution.