VJ 01 Gringo

The Gringo is a single-engine single-seat home-built aircraft. Of metal construction, it is equipped with a fixed tail-dragging undercarriage with spatted wheels.

It is a light aircraft and offers surprisingly good performance and a short take-off run, despite an engine of limited power. In addition, the bubble canopy offers excellent all-round visibility to the pilot.

This is an aircraft designed to be pleasant to fly. It is a unique model, designed and built by an enthusiast from Toulouse: José Vergès.
The first flight was six years after the start of construction, as finishing and adjusting the aircraft required many long months of work.

The aircraft’s logbook has recorded more than 550 flights over France, Corsica and as far as the Balearic Islands between August 1986 and her last flight on the 1st of June 2010. After storing the aircraft for a few months in a hangar of Lasbordes airfield, her owner-creator donated it to the Ailes Anciennes Toulouse so that it could be displayed in the museum.

Ailes Anciennes Toulouse Collection