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Société des avions Marcel Dassault Falcon 10

Mystère-Falcon was the initial name for the range of business jets produced by the French manufacturer Dassault Aviation, starting in 1963. The Falcon 10 was the smallest twin engine jet in the family. Much appreciated for its reliability and powerful engines, it was the fastest business jet of its day and for this reason was called the « Corporate Bullet ». It was also capable of landing at London City Airport, in the heart of the British capital.

Of a smaller size, it carries only seven passengers, but has much longer range than its predecessor, the Mystère-Falcon 20. The combination of performance and an aerodynamically optimised wing makes the Falcon 10 a predecessor of modern corporate jets.
Prototype 02 made its first flight on the 16th of October 1971. In 1973, it was used as a flying test bed for the Larzac engine fitted in its right nacelle.

This engine, developed by the Snecma-Turbomeca consortium, was initially designed to equip business jets such as the Aerospatiale Corvette. But in the end, it is selected to power the Franco-German twin-engine trainer: Alphajet, used by the Patrouille de France formation flying team. Once these tests were over, this Falcon 10 was given to an engineering school in Toulouse to be used for practice by the students, before joining the Ailes Anciennes collection and Aeroscopia.  

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