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SNCAN Nord 1101 Noralpha

The Nord 1101 Noralpha was derived from Messerschmitt Bf 208, itself an improvement of the Messerschmitt Bf 108, which first flew in 1934 and was originally designed to participate in the International General Aviation Challenge of that same year.

Starting in 1946, Nord Aviation produced just over 200 aircraft of this type, and they were used by the French Air Force and Naval Air Arm until 1963. A four-seat trainer, some of them were given to the Aviation Training Service where they were used for pilot training until the 1970s.
The Nord 1101 served in North Africa, mainly as a liaison aircraft.

The aircraft is sleek and swift. The controls are pleasant, light, efficient and precise. The aircraft required a lot of attention and finesse to fly.
This aircraft was recovered by the Ailes Anciennes Toulouse (Nord N 1101 Ramier I n° 88 ~ BZ) in 1986 when it arrived from the Toulouse test flight centre where it had been used for ground testing. Since then, it has been restored twice before joining the Aeroscopia collection.

Ailes Anciennes Toulouse Collection