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Morane-Saulnier MS760 Paris IR

The MS.760 Paris is a liaison aircraft and trainer produced by Morane-Saulnier in Tarbes. It was used by the French Air Force, the French Navy Air Arm, and exported to Argentina and Brazil. It has a four-seat configuration, unusual for a jet aircraft. It is one of the early examples of jet aircraft used as personal transport for officers, as well as for pilot training, along side the Fouga Magister. More generally speaking, the MS.760 is a precursor of light jet aviation, predating the first true business jets.

In the early 1950s, the French Air Force were looking for an aircraft to train combat pilots. Morane-Saulnier offered the MS.755 Fleuret with a two-seat side-by-side configuration, which first flew in January 1953. However, this competition was won by the Fouga Magister that had a tandem configuration that was deemed more appropriate.