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Lockheed F104 G Starfighter

The F-104 was an American supersonic fighter with superlative performance in terms of top speed, rate of climb and operational ceiling.

Designed in the early 1950s, the F-104 was the world’s first operational Mach 2 fighter. This aircraft was part of the Century Series Fighters. Initially designed for the l’U.S.A.F as an interceptor, the type would be more successful as a multirole fighter exported to other countries (the NATO countries, Canada and Japan). It was operational for an exceptionally long time, and the last units were withdrawn from service in Italy in 2004. 

This particular airframe was manufactured in Germany by Messerschmitt at the Augsburg plant in 1963 and comes from Manching airbase in Bavaria. It arrived in Toulouse in 1989 as a donation from the German Military Museum of Koblenz. It was mainly used by Jagdbombergeschwader JBG34 and has logged 3,684 hours.

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