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Cessna 337 Super Skymaster "Push Pull"

An aircraft with a high wing and a retractable undercarriage, the familiar name of Push-Pull comes from the unusual engine configuration: one at the front (providing traction) and one at the rear (providing propulsion) mounted on the same axis and giving this aircraft the same flight characteristics as a single-engine machine.

In the 1960s, Cessna was best known for its single-engine light aircraft designs. To increase the power of their offerings, Cessna developed the twin-engine 336 Skymaster Push-Pull. The next model, the 337 Super Skymaster, retains the same main design but with the addition of a retractable undercarriage. Fitted with loudspeakers and equipped for leaflet-dropping, this aircraft played an important role during the Vietnam War. Some demilitarized airframes became important assets for the Canadian Forestry and Fire Protection Department. 3,000 units all variants included were produced, of which some were built by Reims Aviation from 1969.