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Blériot XI replica

The Blériot type XI was a monoplane built by Louis Blériot with the assistance of Raymond Saulnier, which came to fame during the first crossing of the English Channel on the 25th of July 1909. 
About fifteen different aircraft preceded the development of the Blériot XI, which was designed by Raymond Saulnier. With a box-shaped fuselage made from ash, wings covered in rubberized canvas in order to resist a water landing, a wheel-shaped control stick and a three-cylinder Anzani engine, the first Blériot XI was assembled in Neuilly at the end of 1908.
The aircraft made its first flight from Issy-les-Moulineaux on the 3rd of January 1909 and was presented at the International Exhibition of Aerial Locomotion (which later became the Paris Air Show).
The Blériot XI: a pioneer of the skies above Toulouse…
The first air shows in Toulouse were organised between the 30th of July and the first of August 1910 at the military training ground called Le Polygone (now the Zénith arena). The enthusiasm of the crowds attracted further flight displays by aviators in search of glory. 
Roger Morin, a young aviator trained at the Blériot School in Pau, accomplished the feat of flying from Pau to Toulouse non-stop on the 27th of February 1911, as well as performing several flights over Toulouse. During a reception at the town hall, he was recognized as the first aviator to arrive in Toulouse by air.

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