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Best Off Sky Ranger

The Skyranger belongs to the category of ultralight utility aircraft, limited by the power of their engine (less than 100 hp) and their maximum take-off mass (450 kg) for two-seat variants.

The idea of Philippe PREVOT, who founded BEST OFF, was to design a simple aircraft, with good performance, and which would be easy to assemble. Two of the major engineering schools of Toulouse contributed to the design: ENSICA and SUP’AERO.

After being awarded French certification in 1993, the Skyranger became the official aircraft of the French Ultralight Aircraft Federation. It won several world championships and competitions until 2006.

To satisfy an increasing demand, partnerships were created for manufacturing the aircraft under licence in Ukraine, Brazil and the United States. In 2009, worldwide production reached 1,200 units. 

This aircraft was donated to the Ailes Anciennes Toulouse in 2014. It is probably the Skyranger with the most interesting history. It was delivered as a kit to Madagascar in February 1999 and during the following year, performed development flights. Finally, in September 2000, it accomplished a voyage through 18 African countries lasting 209 days to return to France. After its final flight in 2009, it was displayed at the Bourget Air and Space Museum before returning to Toulouse.

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