Airbus A400M Atlas

The Airbus A400M Atlas is a versatile military transport aircraft designed by Airbus Military to fulfil the present requirements of air forces.

Designed to renew air force transport capacity, the A400M satisfies new operational requirements. With the latest technology, this aircraft can carry out both tactical and strategic missions. It entered service with the French Air Force in 2013.

Aircraft MSN 1, soon to be displayed at Aeroscopia, was nicknamed Grizzly One by the engineers and crews of the test flight centre due to her size, and performed the maiden flight of the type in December 2009. Heavily loaded with test instrumentation, this airframe was used to explore the flight envelope and was notably used for extreme testing, including stall tests. She was also tested at speeds far in excess of the normal maximum. The data gathered was then used to develop the simulators that will be used to qualify crews on the type. After four years of testing and 475 flights, she was decommissioned to be displayed in the museum.

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